About Bruno

Bruno is an eclectic artist. His experience widens between artistic blacksmithing, decorative metalwork and stone-masonry. His expertise comprehend restoration of artworks, models, and the creative creation of jewels and handmades.

One of the most important area of expertise is the modelling: from naval to architectonical, Bruno’s skills vary in a wide range of technical applications.

Illy Stone Coffe cup

During his 30-years career in this field Bruno has experimented technics and expertise with only pure materials such as different kind of wood, stone, metals and resin (artificial and synthetic). As a result, his portfolio is an outstanding example of craftsmanship and creative tools. An important aspect of his skills is the unique capacity of building his own working tools, specifically tailored for the needs of his current project.

As a natural outcome of his outstanding experience, Bruno has been teaching at Trieste University for nine years. In his view, teaching is one of the most important aspects of his job.


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